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Developing Core Documents for Successful Repositioning Communications

We create the core assets for repositioning communications. Healthcare organizations use these to pursue a new strategy and evolve their market position.  The need for these repositioning communications can result from new leadership, expansion of offerings, integration of offerings, mergers and acquisitions, competitive forces, a market threat or opportunity.


We create communications that turn conceptual propositions into real demonstrations of achievement and timely relevance that illustrate an organization’s leadership and actionable point-of-view.  How? We focus on the creation of two inaugural documents.  These include a positioning guide and an executive presentation.  These materials are designed for use by senior executives internally and externally to introduce and reinforce the company’s new course of action.

Positioning Communications Guides are the Starting Point

The positioning communications guide demonstrates how to talk about the new organization, and the executive presentation is used internally and externally at conferences, investor related meetings, board presentations and in other large and small audience situations that can benefit from a structured conversation. The positioning guide provides explicit messaging and composes a complete narrative.  It includes assertions, aspirations, facts, data and anecdotes woven together from research. This document can inform marketing communications direction and content.

The executive presentation deck is created for internal and external presentations and will offer an inspiring and evidence- based narrative. The deck is written as a keynote in mind, but will be user-ready for other presentations in its entirety or parts.  Talking points are written for each slide and included in the notes section. We deliver these final documents within 6-10 weeks. Together, they provide a threshold to a portfolio of enterprise communications.

When it Comes Time to Launch the New Positioning

We also develop a full communications plan and schedule that can be executed by the client, Hippos, or collaboration between us. We produce videos and other content appropriate for social and owned media. Creating a suite of positioning materials is an intensive and fast-turn exercise that often exceeds the bandwidth and integrated capabilities of clients’ internal resources, yet cannot be fully turned over to an outside partner because it requires identification and access to information from across the client organization, iterative decision-making, as well as coordination with executive officers.

Clients hire Hippos for these assignments because of our extensive market experience, collaborative leadership, and speed. To get the job done, we take the lead but integrate closely with clients.  Each of us is assigned distinct roles and deliverables that we identify before the project is started and that is based on a client’s team, organizational resources and needs. One of the most challenging aspects of these assignments is making sense of the large amount of information gathered on a daily basis by clients. We turn it into market ready knowledge that can create the evidence base of a positioning guide and executive presentation. Hippos creates a structure to help clients gather this information.  We then identify critical proof points, engage executive management, and take on the heavy lift of this challenge.

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