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Executive visibility: Creating a plan for conference participation

Frequently we get requests from organizations that are looking for a recommended list of healthcare speaking engagements and conferences that they should be attending, especially as part of executive visibility, corporate communications planning or when there is a new strategic offering to market. When executives are invited to speak, we also receive calls and emails asking, “Are you familiar with the conference? Is it something we should be attending?”


There’s no one expert source that is going to tell you where to spend your time or invest on leadership speeches and speaking engagements. Publicly available information can’t inform the specific value of participation, nor will it give you the answers about how various opportunities align with your strategic goals as an organization. It is too generic. While Hippos brings direct experience at conferences to our recommendations to clients, to provide an informed list customized to their strategic goals and unique needs, we organize our advice around a list of criteria. We’ve developed this list as a basis of evaluation to facilitate discussion and decision-making, and for presenting options to management.

When developing an executive visibility plan and deciding on leadership speeches for your executives, including panels and keynotes, use the below list of criteria to determine the strategic value of individual opportunities:
Hippos Health Chart - Executive Visibility: Creating a plan for conference participation
While all conferences provide an opportunity for executive visibility that builds brand and advances leadership, each offers distinct advantages.

The media heavily covers some conferences, while others include introduction to health care leaders/influencers. Others might offer a more favorable format or timing that works better for your executives. Cost might be an issue. Your organization has to evaluate its distinct goals and capabilities.

Finalizing a targeted list is only the beginning of creating executive speaking opportunities.


Applications have to be made for participation, some more formal and extensive than others, and some so exclusive that they rely on personal relationships and recommendation. Many organizations apply and don’t get in. Special attention must be paid to the final pursuit of speaking engagements and the applications themselves, meaning they require a knowledgeable eye and a dedication to convert identified targets to a place at the podium or on the invitee list.


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